singkatan singkatan


    AA    -    Always Afloat
    AAAA    -    Always Afloat, Always Accessible
    AAOSA    -    Always Afloat Or Safe Aground
    AAR    -    Against All Risks
    AARA    -    Always Accessible or Reachable on Arrival
    AB    -    Able Seaman
    ABS    -    American Bureau of Shipping
    AC    -    Alternating Current (electricity)
    ACV    -    Air Cushion Vehicle
    AD    -    Area Differential
    ADF    -    Automatic Direction Finder
    AF    -    Anti-Fouling
    AFFF    -    Aqueous Film Forming Foam
    AFRA    -    Average Freight Rate Assessment
    AG    -    Arabian Gulf
    AGW    -    Actual Gross Weight
         -    All Going Well
    AHTS    -    Anchor Handling Tug and Supply Vessel
    AIS    -    Automatic Identification System
    ALERT    -    Automatic Life-saving Emergency Radio Transmitter
    ALRS    -    Admiralty List of Radio Signals
    AMSL    -    Above Mean Sea Level
    AMVER    -    Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System
    AMWELSH    -    Americanised Welsh Coal Charter party
    ANERA    -    Asia-North America Eastbound Rate Agreement
    ANOP    -    Articles Not Otherwise Provided for
    ANSI    -    American National Standard Institute
    AO    -    Awaiting Orders
         -    And Other
    AOB    -    Any One Bottom
    AOH    -    After Office Hours
    AOLOC    -    Any One Location
    AOR    -    Atlantic Ocean Region
    AOS    -    Any One Steamer
    AOV    -    Any One Vessel
    AP    -    All Purposes
         -    Additional Premium
         -    Aft Perpendicular
    API    -    American Petroleum Institute
    APS    -    Arrival Pilot Station
    APT    -    Aft Peak Tank
    ARA    -    Antwerp – Rotterdam – Amsterdam
    ARPA    -    Automatic Radar Plotting Aid
    A/S    -    Alongside
    ASAP    -    As Soon As Possible
    ASBA    -    The Association of Shipbrokers and Agents (USA) Incorporated, New York
    ASCII    -    American Standard Code for Information Interchange
    ASPW    -    Any Safe Port in the World
    ASTM    -    American Society of Testing & Materials
    ATA    -    Actual Time of Arrival
    ATD    -    Actual Time of Departure
    ATDN    -    Any Time Day & Night
    ATDNSHINC    -    Anytime Day/Night Sundays & Holidays Included
    ATK    -    Aviation Turbine Kerosene
    ATS    -    All Time Saved
    ATSBE    -    All Time Saved Both Ends
    ATSDO    -    All Time Saved Discharging Only
    ATUTC    -    Actual Times Used To Count
    AUV    -    Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
    AVGAS    -    Aviation Gasoline
    AVR    -    Automatic Voltage Regulator
    AVTAG    -    Aviation Turbine Gasoline
    AWIWL    -    Always Within Institute Warranty Limits
    AWVNS    -    Always Within Vessel’s Natural Segregation
    AWRI    -    Additional War Risk Insurance


    BA    -    British Admiralty
    BAF    -    Bunker Adjustment Factor
    BB    -    Below Bridge
         -    Ballast Bonus
         -    Bare Boat
         -    Break Bulk/ Breaking Bulk
         -    Bulbous Bow
    BBB    -    Before Breaking Bulk
    BBC    -    Bare Boat Charter
    BC    -    Code of Safe Practice for Solid Bulk Cargoes
    BCH    -    Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships Carrying Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk
    BCM    -    Bow to Centre of Manifold
    BCO    -    Beneficial Cargo Owner
    BD    -    Bar Draught
    BDC    -    Bottom Dead Centre
    BDI    -    Both Dates Inclusive
    B/E    -    Break-Even
    BENDS    -    Both Ends
    BFI    -    Baltic Freight Index
    BHP    -    Brake Horse Power
    BI    -    Both Inclusive
    BIC    -    Bureau International des Containers (International Container Bureau)
    BIFFEX    -    Baltic International Freight Futures Index
    BIMCO    -    The Baltic and International Maritime Council
    BKR    -    Bulgarski Koraben Registar (Bulgarian Register of Shipping)
    B/L    -    Bill of Lading
    BLU    -    Code of Practice for the Safe Loading and Unloading of Bulk Carriers
    BN    -    Booking Note
    BOA    -    Berthing On Arrival
    BOB    -    Bunkers On Board
         -    Balance On Board
    BOD    -    Bunkers On Delivery
    BOFFERS    -    Best Offers
    BOL    -    Bill Of Lading
    BOP    -    Blow-out Preventer
    BOR    -    Bunkers On Redelivery
    B/P    -    Bills Payable
    B/R    -    Bills Receivable
    BROB    -    Bunkers Remaining On Board
    BS    -    Bunker Surcharge
    BSC    -    British Shippers’ Council
    BSI    -    British Standards Institution
    BST    -    British Standard Time
         -    British Summer Time
    BT    -    Berth Terms
    BV    -    Bureau Veritas
    BW    -    Brackish Water
         -    Ballast Water
    BWAD    -    Brackish Water Arrival Draught
    BWDD    -    Brackish Water Departure Draught
    BWT    -    Ballast Water Tank


    CABAF    -    Currency And Bunker Adjustment Factor
    CAF    -    Currency Adjustment Factor
    CBFT    -    Cubic Feet
    CBM    -    Cubic Metres
         -    Conventional Buoy Mooring
    CBR    -    Commodity Box Rate
    CBS    -    Cyprus Bureau of Shipping
    CBT    -    Clean Ballast Tank
    CC    -    Cubic Capacity
         -    Cubic Centimetres
         -    Continuation Clause
    CCG    -    Canadian Coast Guard
    CCS    -    China Classification Society
    CD    -    Customary Despatch
    C/E    -    Chief Engineer
    CENSA    -    Council of European and Japanese National Shipowners Association
    CES    -    Coast Earth Station
    CFM    -    Container Flow Management
    CFR    -    Cost and Freight
    CFS    -    Container Freight Station
    CFT    -    Cubic Feet
    CG    -    Centre of Gravity
    CGA    -    Cargo’s proportion of General Average
    CHABE    -    Charterer’s Agents Both Ends
    CHOPT    -    Charterer’s Option
    CIF    -    Cost, Insurance & Freight
    CIF&E    -    Cost, Insurance, Freight & Exchange
    CIF&I    -    Cost, Insurance, Freight & Interest
    CIFC    -    Cost, Insurance, Freight and Commission
    CIFC&I    -    Cost, Insurance, Freight, Commission & Interest
    CIM    -    Convention Internationale Concernant le Transport des Marchandises par Chemin de Fer
    CIP    -    Carriage and Insurance Paid to
         -    Calling In Port
    CIQ    -    Customs Immigration Quarantine
    CIT    -    Chartered Institute of Transport
    CLP    -    Container Load Plan
    CMI    -    Comité Maritime International
    CMR    -    Convention Marchandise Routiers
    C/N    -    Consignment Note
         -    Cover Note
         -    Credit Note
    C/O    -    Chief Officer
         -    Care Of
    CLC    -    Civil Liability Convention of 1969
    COA    -    Contract Of Affreightment
    COACP    -    Contract Of Affreightment Charter Party
    COB    -    Close Of Business
    COC    -    Certificate Of Competency
         -    Carrier Owned Container
    COD    -    Cash On Delivery
    COF    -    Certificate Of Fitness
    COFC    -    Container On Flat Car
    COGS    -    Carriage of Goods by Sea
    COGSA    -    Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
    COMBIDOC    -    Combined Transport Document
    COP    -    Customs Of the Port
    COT    -    Cargo Oil Tank
    COW    -    Crude Oil Washing
    C/P    -    Charter Party
    CPD    -    Charterers Pay Dues
    CPP    -    Clean Petroleum Products
         -    Controllable Pitch Propeller
    CPT    -    Carriage Paid To
    CQD    -    Customary Quick Despatch
    CR    -    China Corporation Register of Shipping
    CROB    -    Cargo Remaining On Board
    CRS    -    Croatian Register of Shipping
    CSC    -    International Convention for Safe Containers
    CSM    -    Container Slot Management
    CSO    -    Company Security Officer
    CSR    -    Chech and Slovak Ship’s and Industrial Register
         -    Continuous Service Rate
    CST    -    Central Standard Time
         -    Centistoke
    CT    -    Conference Terms
    CTL    -    Constructive Total Loss
    CTO    -    Combined Transport Operator
    CUFT    -    Cubic Feet
    CVs    -    Consecutive Voyages
    CY    -    Container Yard


    DA    -    Discharge Afloat
    DAP    -    Days All Purposes
    DAS    -    Docking Aid System
    DB    -    Double Bottom
    DBT    -    Double Bottom Tank
    DC    -    Direct Current
    D/D    -    Days After Date
         -    Delivered At Docks
    DD    -    Daily Discharge
         -    Dry Docking
    DDC    -    Destination Delivery Charge
    DDP    -    Delivery Duty Paid
    DDU    -    Delivery Duty Unpaid
    DEL    -    Delivery
    DEM    -    Demurrage
    DEQ    -    Delivered Ex Quay
    DES    -    Delivered Ex Ship
    DESP    -    Despatch
    DG    -    Dangerous Goods
    DGN    -    Dangerous Goods Note
    DGPS    -    Differential Global Positioning System
    DHD    -    Demurrage Half Despatch
    DHDATSBE    -    Demurrage Half Despatch on All Time Saved Both Ends
    DHDWTSBE    -    Demurrage Half Despatch on Working Time Saved Both Ends
    DIC    -    Delivered In Charge
    DISPORT    -    Discharge Port
    DIST    -    Distance
    DKVN    -    Vietnam Register of Shipping
    DLOSP    -    Dropping Last Outward Sea Pilot
    DNV    -    Det Norske Veritas (Norwegian Classification Society)
    DO    -    Diesel Oil
    DOC    -    Document Of Compliance
    DOP    -    Dropping Outward Pilot
    DOSP    -    Dropping Outward Sea Pilot
    DP    -    Dynamic Positioning
    DPP    -    Dirty Petroleum Products
    DR    -    Dead Reckoning
    DRC    -    Daily Running Cost
    DSC    -    Digital Selective Calling
    DSHA    -    Dangerous Substance in Harbour Area (Regulations)
    DT    -    Deep Tank
    DWAT    -    Deadweight All Told
    DWCC    -    Deadweight Cargo Capacity
    DWCT    -    Deadweight Cargo Tonnage
    DWT    -    Deadweight

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